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Let me introduce you to my favorite partners and industry experts and I'll share the tech tools I use to create and launch digital courses.

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With this all-in-one platform, my clients have generated more than $3 million in course sales, enrolling over 5,000 students. It's the only platform I trust to create and launch a digital course.

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Tiff Carey

Curriculum Design

Nyssa Brown

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Janet Johnson

Lauren Egeland

Create & Launch a Digital Course


List Builders Society

Digital Course Academy

Launch & Scale Your Online Business


12 Days of Christmas Playbook

Ignite Membership

Selling Your Course to Businesses


B2B Fabulous

Create and Launch a Podcast


Proffitt Podcasting

Tech Tools

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Personalized responses to your potential students' questions and video testimonials from your raving fans!

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I record about 5 loom videos a day!  Record and share video messages with your students for a personal check-in or to record your course lessons.

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Use Zoom for student Q&As, live webinars to promote your course, or for  pre-recorded videos for your digital course.

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A true lifesaver for remembering all the login information we need these days!  This is also how I safely share passwords between my clients and my team.  

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Make sure your people show up!  Allows users to easily add your live webinar dates and Q&As to their calendars.

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My go-to app when I want to use a Teleprompter to record my videos.

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Use AI to brainstorm copy for your sales page, email message to your list, and social posts to promote your course.

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All your design needs - course logo, webinar slides, lesson handouts, sales page graphics, etc.

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The simple, powerful, and fun way to edit your course lesson videos and your weekly content.

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The world's most popular audio recording and editing app. (I use the free version to create my podcast!)

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